An ambition of the heart

Maison Muguette is the birth of a family tribute, the jewels are the memory, the transmission, the heritage.

A tribute to Muguette

Maison Muguette is above all a story of family and heart.

Created in memory of our grandmother Muguette, the brand perpetuates her legacy of elegance and passion for life. Born in 1939 in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, Muguette was a sparkling woman with natural charisma.

A long-time seamstress for major fashion houses, she left us her unrivaled taste for refinement and detail. At Maison Muguette, each piece of jewelry is an extension of its soul, a celebration of simple but meaningful beauty.

The Mission of Maison Muguette: Everyday Elegance

We believe in authenticity and timelessness. Our mission ? Create jewelry that goes with your daily life. Durable stainless steel pieces that follow you everywhere, from the shower to the office, including your evenings. In a world where everything moves quickly, we offer you jewelry made to last, everyday allies that become more beautiful with time.

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Paris inspiration bijoux

The Parisian Essence

For Maison Muguette, each piece of jewelry is also a tribute to Paris, the city of romance, charm and refinement. Each of our creations bears the name of a street, a neighborhood or a Parisian monument, thus capturing the essence of the City of Lights. Our inspiration comes from these places and the harmony they exude, reflecting French elegance and romanticism.

The audacity of refinement and French elegance.

Muguette - Bijoux Maison Muguette


At Maison Muguette, refinement is found in simplicity. Our jewelry, both modern and timeless, is designed to highlight your natural beauty without ever obscuring it. They reflect a simple philosophy: that true elegance lies in details and proportions.

Maison Muguette perpetuates the legacy and memory of my grandmother.

Quality without compromise

We are proud to use stainless steel in all our creations, ensuring unparalleled water resistance and durability. Maison Muguette is the promise of authentic quality, designed to adapt to your life and enhance it.